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Trio X Google Workspace: Cloud Directory Management
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  • Modified: 14th Nov 2023

    November 12, 2023

Trio X Google Workspace: Cloud Directory Management

Trio Team

We are happy to inform you that Trio, a comprehensive mobile device management solution, has joined forces with Google Workspace. Trio’s main goal is to streamline device management, security, and account provisioning. This integration operates on two fronts, offering single sign-on (SSO) and cloud directory services to elevate both user identity and account provisioning. As a result, the authentication process is simplified, leading to an improved user experience. With the ability to seamlessly access devices and applications without the need for multiple sets of credentials, users can enjoy increased productivity and satisfaction.

How Trio Integrates with Google

The integration process simply starts by accessing Organization> Integrations. Once connected with Google, users are required to log in and will then be automatically redirected to Trio. Users will again be authenticated on Trio and from there you can easily add or import your accounts.


As mentioned before, the integration with Google encompasses both Google Workspace and SSO. In the cloud directory, this integration enables users to perform actions such as creating, updating, or deleting Google accounts, while ensuring smooth data synchronization. Additionally, after integrating with Google, Trio utilizes OAuth protocols to authenticate users and enable Google’s SSO.


Streamlined Identity Management

By integrating with Google, Trio enables organizations to streamline their user authentication process by allowing users to access their platforms with a single set of credentials. This not only enhances security by reducing the risk of password-related security breaches but also improves the user experience by eliminating the need for multiple login credentials. This further contributes to improved productivity as employees have access to their required platform at all times.


Cloud Directory Management

Also, Trio’s integration with Google’s cloud directory simplifies user account management, provisioning, and synchronization. Organizations can easily manage and provision user accounts, ensuring that all employees always have access to the tools they need from the moment they are onboarded. Additionally, this integration helps HR departments import employee data easily. This simplifies user account management and provisioning, saving time and resources for organizations.


The integration of Trio with Google for single sign-on (SSO) and cloud directory services offers numerous benefits for organizations. Firstly, it enhances security by reducing the risk of password-related security incidents. With Google’s impressive SSO capabilities, users can access their devices and applications with a single set of credentials, eliminating the need to remember multiple login details and reducing the likelihood of weak or compromised passwords. Moreover, this integration has further simplified employees’ Google account management.

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