Workflow Automation

Stressed about moving data from your current workflow platform to Trio? Relax! We handle the entire transition seamlessly, ensuring your valuable information remains secure and accessible throughout the process. Get up and running quickly with Trio's intuitive platform and pre-configured workflows.

Pre-configured profiles for each department

Trio tailors settings, apps, and security based on specific roles and needs.

Centralized project management

Track progress, assign tasks, and collaborate seamlessly on projects with Trio.

Empower Your Teams

Trio streamlines processes across departments, eliminating redundancy and maximizing resource utilization.

No more manual setup headaches

Automate Mac deployments for each department, ensuring consistency and freeing up IT resources.

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Integrate with popular platforms for seamless data synchronization and streamlined employee management.

Remote management and monitoring

Manage and monitor kiosk devices remotely for centralized control and troubleshooting.

Save time and minimize errors

Eliminate manual data entry and streamline job title management with automated updates.


Limit access to non-work-related applications, minimizing app hopping and fostering focused work environments.

Protect sensitive data on personal devices

Trio's profile & policies ensure company data stays secure, even on personal devices.

Experience the power of
effortless automation