Report & Analytics

Intelligent Reporting for Effective Management

Transition away from the outdated, labor-intensive process of manual device tracking. Trio offers a streamlined, efficient solution for managing extensive device inventories without overburdening your IT staff. Utilize our accessible reporting tools to gain deep insights into device performance and usage, enabling smarter decision-making and enhanced business operations.

  • Date-Range Specific Reports: Tailor reports to cover the exact timeframe you need insights for.
  • Focused Report Selection: Easily choose the reports that meet your specific requirements.
  • Quick Access and Generation: Utilize intuitive search functionalities for rapid report generation.
  • Comprehensive Reporting Suite: Enjoy access to Trio's full range of reporting capabilities.
  • CSV Report Export: Conveniently save reports in CSV format for easy future reference and analysis.

Audit Logs: Your Window into Device Performance

Efficiently oversee a vast device inventory with Trio's sophisticated reporting and analytics. Eliminate the need for manual monitoring, reduce the potential for errors, and improve both business operations and employee productivity. Generate detailed reports swiftly, offering insights into device details, performance, and usage.

Enhance IT Productivity with Automated Reporting

Revolutionize your IT reporting processes with Trio's automated report generation. Say goodbye to the cumbersome task of manual report creation and welcome an era of increased efficiency and productivity. With Trio Workflow, schedule and automatically receive the reports you need, when you need them, directly to your inbox.

Report Spectrum

In-Depth Data Usage Insights

Maximize efficiency with Trio's integration capabilities, offering seamless data synchronization across platforms for optimized employee management. Make informed decisions with comprehensive data usage analytics.

Location-Based Controls

Elevate device security with Trio’s location-based features. Convert devices into secure kiosks, restrict app access, and ensure a focused user environment, enhancing productivity and minimizing distractions.

App Version Management

Maintain data confidentiality and privacy with Trio’s app version control. Isolate company data effectively, preventing unauthorized access on personal devices, and ensuring that only approved app versions are in use.

Remote Cast for Simplified Deployment

Streamline your IT operations with Trio’s Remote Cast feature. Automate the deployment of applications, reinforce security measures, and maintain control over your digital assets with minimal effort.

Monitor Device Vitals

Enforce comprehensive device policies with Trio. Monitor device vitals in real-time, ensuring devices are functioning optimally and securely, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Device Availability and Inactivity Tracking

Protect your organization’s data integrity with Trio’s advanced data loss prevention strategies. Monitor device availability and inactivity to prevent unauthorized access and data breaches.

Battery History for Device Health

Keep your device fleet running smoothly with insights into battery health. Trio’s detailed battery history reports help in preemptive maintenance, ensuring devices are always ready for action.

Geofence Logs for Enhanced Security

Strengthen security and compliance with Trio’s geofencing capabilities. Monitor device movements within defined geographical boundaries, ensuring devices and data remain secure.

Connectivity History Analysis

Ensure continuous operation and data integrity with Trio’s connectivity history feature. Track device connection statuses over time to identify potential issues before they impact your business.

Screen Time Optimization

Optimize productivity and device usage with Trio’s screen time monitoring. Implement strategies to reduce unnecessary screen time, enhancing focus and efficiency across your workforce.

Comprehensive Device Power Management

Maintain ultimate control over device power policies with Trio. Monitor and manage power on/off cycles to ensure devices are used efficiently and securely throughout your organization.

SIM Swap Alerts

Stay informed about SIM card changes, tracking the date, time, and location to prevent unauthorized device use.

Unlock Attempt Monitoring

Secure your devices by tracking failed unlock attempts, ensuring only authorized users have access.

USB Peripheral Control

Monitor USB connections to prevent unauthorized data transfer and ensure device security.

Account Activity Overview

Gain insights into user interactions with the Trio dashboard. Track account activities to understand user behavior and optimize device management strategies

Workflow Management

Efficiently manage and report on all created workflows within Trio. Check the status and effectiveness of each workflow to streamline operations and improve productivity.

Comprehensive Device Inventory

Get a clear overview of the management status of all devices in your inventory with Trio. Ensure each device is accounted for, secure, and operating as intended for maximum efficiency.

File Dock Management

Monitor file activities within your organization with Trio’s File Dock. Track downloads, publications, and storage usage to optimize data management and ensure compliance with data policies.

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