About Us

SternX Technology GmbH, founded in 2021, is a leading IT management company dedicated to improving efficiency and security for organizations of all sizes. With our innovative and scalable IT management solutions, we empower you to always keep your enterprise secure and compliant.

Our Vision

Our vision is to enable businesses of all sizes to securely and seamlessly manage their device fleet, regardless of platform. We want to be the go-to solution for organizations that want to simplify their device management processes and enhance their overall IT security. We are committed to constantly innovating and evolving our solution to adapt to the ever-changing solutions of the modern world.

Our Mission

At Stern X, we are committed to providing our customers with the best possible experience. We understand that endpoint management within an enterprise can be a complex and time-consuming process. Our mission is to design a comprehensive and user-friendly platform that enables organizations to manage all their endpoints from a single console.

How Trio Came to Be

Drawing from their extensive experience, SternX CEO and Founder Saeid Alirezaei, along with Co-founder Javad Zaeri and other experts at SternX, identified a crucial gap in the market. They recognized the need for a singular infrastructure that could seamlessly integrate with different platforms, ensuring utmost data security and compliance. This realization led to the development of a unified device management solution called Trio. Trio seamlessly integrates with all cloud-based SaaS solutions and helps streamline employee and device management. SternX is poised to revolutionize the industry with Trio's innovative approach.

Meet Our Leaders

Trio is led by a team of talented and conscientious individuals who prioritize creativity and responsibility in their leadership. Meet them all here!

Saeid Alirezaei

Co-Founder and CEO

Javad Zaeri

Co-Founder and COO

Rajat Chaudhary

Head of Marketing

Kevin Rademakers

Sales Manager

Ali Sepehri-Amin

Apple Team Lead

Reza Azhari

Technical Product Manager

Our G2 Journey

Trio is proud to be recognized as a leader in device management! We've earned the High Performer, Users Love Us, and Easiest to Use badges, all thanks to the amazing feedback from our clients.

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