Empower Your Retail Business

Take your retail business to new heights with Trio.

Improve Customer Experience & Satisfaction

Transform Devices Into High-Functioning Kiosks

Help Employees During Device Downtimes

Keep Confidential Data Safe & Secure

Scalable Device Management for Retail

Manage Digital Signage to Captivate Everyone

Kiosk Mode

Enhance costumer experience by enabling quick access to product info and Self checkout transaction options.

Retail-Centric Devices

Transform any device into a point-of-sale (POS) system, enabling swift transactions and automated checkouts. Boost employee productivity while minimizing distractions by locking devices exclusively to retail-specific applications and your preferred interface.

Retail Driven Device

Manage Your Digital Signage

Remotely schedule and organize your content playlist across all digital displays with the help of Trio.

All Eyes on You!

Allow Trio to elevate your marketing strategies to another level. Manage multiple displays across different locations to ensure everyone is hooked on your content.

Enhance Your Security

Security Comes First!

Ensure the security of all in-store devices by preventing unauthorized access. Keep your inventory data confidential. Protect your devices against loss or theft through features such as location tracking, remote lock, and remote wipe.

Bulk Enrollment a Breeze!

Set Up Your Devices

  • Easily get your retail devices up and running with Trio.
  • Quick employee enrollment with Trio’s bulk enrollment methods. 
  • Assign enrollment profiles and set configuration changes.

Retail Driven Device