Department + Employee

Efficiently manage all employees with Trio. Simplify onboarding, offboarding, and departmental adjustments. Automate processes by customizing blueprints for each department at your company.

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Experience streamlined employee management for your teams with Trio, whether they are remote or not.

Department Management

Tailor blueprints for every department according to their specific needs, covering apps, policies, and configurations.


Automate the onboarding process for new employees, saving time and ensuring a seamless integration into the organization


Streamline offboarding procedures by automating the necessary steps and maintaining security protocols


Device Management

Experience device management excellence with Trio. Our innovative solution eliminates hours of tedious setup, allowing you to purchase, deploy, and relocate devices with ease.

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Device Management

Effortlessly monitor your devices, track their users, and stay updated on device status

Reports and Logs

Gain valuable insights with comprehensive reports, capturing all employee, device, and admin activities in one central hub.

Live Monitoring

Stay updated with real-time monitoring of hardware, network, and security incidents


Streamline device onboarding with seamless setup and configuration through zero-touch deployment

Remote Maintenance

Seamlessly access devices from anywhere, enabling swift issue resolution and remote device optimization


Software Management

Automate app deployment for seamless software installations. Foster a secure and customized app environment through the internal Software Desk store, ensuring productivity and compliance. Streamline updates, app distribution, and software management for enhanced control and efficiency in IT operations.

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Auto-Installed Apps

Handpick and automatically install and manage apps on employee devices to boost productivity.

Software Desk

Discover a world of apps through our centralized Software Desk, providing a secure internal store for easy installations.


Trio in Action

Lean how Trio can help you elevate and streamline your workflow

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Integrate with popular platforms for seamless data synchronization and streamlined employee management.

Kiosk Mode

Transform devices into secure kiosks, limiting access to specific apps and ensuring focused, controlled user experiences.

Isolate Mode

Secure data and privacy by isolating company resources, preventing unauthorized transfers on personal devices.

Software Management

Automate app deployment, ensure security with the Software Desk, and simplify IT operations for enhanced control.

Policy Enforcement

Take full control with our policy enforcement, governing devices and user access with ease and security.

Data Loss Prevention

Keep your data safe with Trio’s robust data loss prevention measures, ensuring data integrity and protection at your organization.


Migration Without Complication

Experience a smooth and stress-free transition with Trio as we safely move all your data from existing platforms to Trio, ensuring your valuable information remains intact throughout the transition.

Unparalleled Control
Over Every Device

Total Platform Freedom With Trio


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