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Trio X Vanta: Next Step Compliance and Security Solution
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  • 2 minutes read
  • November 14, 2023

Trio X Vanta: Next Step Compliance and Security Solution

Trio Team

We are thrilled to unveil the partnership between the cutting-edge capabilities of Trio, an innovative Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution, and the robust security features of Vanta. This collaboration marks a significant step towards elevating the standards of digital security and device management. By combining the strengths of Trio’s comprehensive device management with Vanta’s advanced security protocols, this partnership sets a new benchmark for protecting enterprise assets and keeping them compliant with the latest regulatory frameworks. Together, we aim to provide a seamless, holistic solution that optimizes device management and ensures top-tier security and compliance.

Integration Details

The integration process begins by accessing Organization> Integrations. Once connected with Vanta, users are required to log in and will then be automatically redirected to Trio. The user will then be validated, and the required data will be correspondingly sent to Vanta periodically.

To provide more details, Trio integrates with Vanta by providing API tokens that allow Vanta to collect data from all endpoints to ensure compliance with all security requirements. These keys grant Vanta access to collect data from all of Trio’s endpoints, ensuring that security requirements are met comprehensively. This includes many features and settings including monitoring disk encryption, lock screen settings, antivirus protection status, and all the other eras of compliance required.


Improved Security

The partnership between Trio and Vanta introduces numerous benefits for enterprise security. By integrating Trio’s sophisticated device management capabilities with Vanta’s robust security features, this collaboration paves the way for comprehensive protection of enterprise assets and sensitive data. This offers real-time visibility into security risks and ultimately helps to identify and prioritize risks before they can cause damage. In other words, the seamless integration of these two platforms offers efficient and secure device management while bolstering defenses against emerging cyber threats. Moreover, this partnership enables enterprises to embrace a more streamlined and unified approach to staying compliant, reducing vulnerabilities, and achieving greater peace of mind in an increasingly digital world.


Compliance Simplified

The combined power of Trio and Vanta automates compliance tasks. This way, many of the tedious and time-consuming tasks regarding maintaining compliance, such as collecting evidence, mapping controls to frameworks, and conducting audits, become automatic. Now, all compliance data can be tracked and analyzed from a centralized place. With the help of Trio and Vanta, organizations can save money on audit costs by providing the necessary documentation and evidence to auditors.


Combining the strengths of Trio’s device management with Vanta’s security features offers a more comprehensive solution that empowers enterprises to effectively manage their devices with top-tier security and compliance. This partnership allows for seamless protection of enterprise assets and data, providing real-time visibility into security risks, and automating compliance tasks. With this seamless integration, organizations can embrace a more streamlined and unified approach to digital security, reducing vulnerabilities and achieving greater peace of mind. Together, Trio and Vanta are paving the way for a more secure and compliant future for enterprises.

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