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Optimizing Employee Management with MDM: A Guide for IT Administrators
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    November 19, 2023

Optimizing Employee Management with MDM: A Guide for IT Administrators

Trio Team

Effective employee management is one way to increase efficiency, productivity, and security for businesses. In the simplest terms, employee management means efficiently managing and optimizing employee performance, productivity, and overall experience within an organization. Today, using mobile device management (MDM) software is crucial to an effective employee management system. This guide will delve into the nuances of employee management and how it can be optimized using MDM for IT administrators.


Understanding Employee Management

Employee management is a comprehensive approach aimed at optimizing employee performance and engagement in the workplace. It encompasses everything from hiring and onboarding to performance monitoring and improvement. In the context of IT administrators, it extends to managing and securing the digital tools and devices an employee uses in their work.

Employee management has evolved to include dedicated software solutions with the increasing dependence on technology in the workplace. These solutions, often called employee management software, provide a centralized platform for managing all aspects of an employee’s work life, including their devices, applications, and data access.


Components of an Employee Management Solution

A robust employee management solution typically consists of several components, each catering to a specific aspect of employee management, including the “Employee Offboarding Checklist” Overall, these features aim to improve employee experience management. Here are a few key components:


  1. Device Management

Device management means monitoring and managing all employee devices to ensure they are optimized for performance and security. MDM proves beneficial for this purpose. It allows IT administrators to enforce device security policies, automate device management tasks, and ensure devices are optimized for performance.


  1. Security

Security is a crucial aspect of any employee management system and involves:

  • Implementing strong security policies
  • Enabling device encryption
  • Limiting access to sensitive data

These procedures can mitigate the risk of data breaches and other security incidents, improving productivity and security.


  1. Content Distribution

A comprehensive employee management solution should also facilitate seamless content distribution. This involves ensuring employees have the necessary resources and applications they need to perform their tasks effectively.


  1. Communication and Employee Relationship Management

Effective communication is vital in any organization. Employee management software can also act as an employee relationship manager. A good employee management solution facilitates real-time messaging and file sharing, enhancing team productivity and collaboration.


Setting Up an Employee Management Solution

Setting up an employee management solution often requires a few key steps, which we will discuss in the following:


Step 1: Identify Your Needs

Above all, you should identify the specific needs of your organization, which requires understanding:

  • The nature of your workforce
  • The devices and applications they use
  • The level of security required


Step 2: Choose a Solution

After identifying your needs, the next step is to choose a suitable employee management solution based on your organization’s needs and goals. You can select:

  1. An MDM software
  2. An employee management app
  3. A combination of both


Step 3: Implement the Solution

After choosing a solution, the next step is implementation. It involves:

  • Installing the software on all employee devices
  • Setting up user profiles
  • Configuring the necessary settings


Step 4: Train Your Employees

Training will help your employees understand how to use the solution effectively and ensure they adhere to the set policies and procedures.


Step 5: Monitor and Adjust

Lastly, it’s important to continually monitor the effectiveness of your employee management solution. This includes tracking employee productivity, device performance, and security incidents. Use the results you gain from monitoring to adjust your solution to meet your needs better.



Managing Employees with an Employee Management Solution

When the employee management solution is in place, the next step is managing your employees, which involves:

  • Monitoring employee performance
  • Enforcing compliance with company policies
  • Ensuring devices and data are secure

Here are some best practices for managing employees with an employee management solution:


Monitor Employee Performance

An effective employee management solution should provide tools for monitoring employee performance. This includes tracking work hours, task completion, and overall productivity.


Enforce Compliance

To enforce compliance with your company’s policies and procedures:

  • Set up rules and restrictions on devices
  • Monitor compliance
  • Take action when necessary


Ensure Security

Security is a crucial aspect of employee management. You should:

  • Implement strong security policies
  • Monitor devices for potential threats
  • Take swift action in the event of a security incident


Maintaining Your Employee Management Solution

Ensuring your employee management solution remains effective over time requires regular maintenance and a well-defined Employee Transition plan. Here are some best practices for maintaining your solution:


Regular Updates

As technology evolves, it’s important to update your employee management solution to leverage new features and improvements. This involves updating the software on all devices and making necessary adjustments to settings and policies.


Regular Audits

Conducting regular audits can help identify any potential issues or areas for improvement in your solution. This involves reviewing employee performance data, device performance data, and security incident reports.



Keeping your employees informed about any changes to your solution is crucial. You must try to:

  • Provide regular updates
  • Offering training sessions
  • Address any concerns or questions your employees may have


Security Considerations for Employee Management

When using an employee management solution, you should bear in mind some security considerations must be remembered, including software usage tracking. Here are some best practices for ensuring the security of your solution.


Implement Strong Security Policies

Implementing strong security policies is crucial for protecting your devices and data. This includes requiring strong passwords, enabling device encryption, and limiting access to sensitive data.


Monitor Devices

Regular monitoring devices can help identify and mitigate potential threats. This involves tracking device activity, checking for updates, and scanning for malware.


Protect Data

Protecting your data is a crucial aspect of security, which requires implementing data protection measures such as:


Introducing the Trio Mobile Device Management Solution

Trio offers a comprehensive mobile device management solution that can help IT administrators effectively manage their employees. With features like seamless profiling, monitored devices, dynamic logging, and efficient employee management, Trio offers a robust and intuitive platform for managing all aspects of an employee’s work life.

With Trio’s secure onboarding and offboarding process, you can ensure that your employees start their journey smoothly and that sensitive data is protected when an employee leaves the organization. Additionally, Trio’s automated approval processes can drastically reduce manual intervention and accelerate decision-making.

To learn more about how Trio can enhance your employee management, start your free trial here.


MDM for Employee Management: Conclusion

Employee management is crucial for any organization to ensure workforce efficiency, productivity, and security. With the right employee management solution, IT administrators can effectively manage and secure their employees’ devices, streamline workflows, and enhance productivity. With robust solutions like Trio, the process of employee management becomes even more streamlined and efficient.

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