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Trio Technology Releases Trio, The Brand-New MDM Solution
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  • Modified: 15th Nov 2023

    November 15, 2023

Trio Technology Releases Trio, The Brand-New MDM Solution

Trio Team

In Early 2023, Trio Technology released its new MDM solution, Trio. Trio is an all-in-one software as a service and helps organizations of any size manage their digital assets.

Trio has been under development for more than two years and as the developers behind the project describe, “It started with an idea of a well-organized workplace, where the digital assets are managed and monitored perfectly.”

But what does Trio do for an organization and its employees? Trio MDM solution is doing different tasks and these are all planned to make the workplace more disciplined. Trio integrates with different software and platforms, from HRIS to SSO, from Task Managers to Office applications. It was made to ease up the workflow and automation, which is by far the most innovative way to do so.

Aside from all the integrations, Trio brings features and possibilities for a better working experience. One of which being the Kiosk mode, employees can experience distraction-free hours, without having access to time-consuming apps during working hours. Using the isolate mode prevents unauthorized access to the company’s most valuable asset, data. This is especially good when employees are using their personal devices. Trio also includes a Data Loss Prevention feature, which protects the data, and prevents their loss. It also ensures data integrity and provides organization security.

Companies and organizations can manage and organize the software and applications on employees’ or company’s devices, as well as their software certificates, which give them full access to the latest versions and updates they need to keep their apps going.

Trio MDM solution has been designed and tailored for organizations of any size, with different functionality. Industries such as healthcare, oil and gas, military, government institutions, universities, etc. can use Trio’s services to create flexibility according to the workflow’s needs.

Trio is also compliant with the globally recognized security standards. Trio creators have done their job getting the required certifications such as GDPR which makes it eligible for use in Europe, HIPPA which makes Trio the right app for health organizations, CCPA which makes it California friendly, PCI DSS which facilitates the payment process, and SOC 2 along with ISO 27001.

Trio is expected to expand its services globally. Starting with the Middle East, the North African region, and Europe, Trio also aims to serve the Americas, Asia, and Australia. The global scale of Trio services is anticipated to be its trick shot to become a market-buster MDM solution, giving organizations the peace of mind, they’re looking for.

The Trio team continues to improve features and expand services, as well as probable bug fixing and bringing prospective options for a better user experience.

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