What Trio Kiosk Can Do

Mode is the ultimate solution for managing and securing your organization’s devices across all platforms. Rest assured that your devices are protected and only used for their intended purpose.

Simplify Device Management

Trio’s easy-to-use interface allows for efficient fleet management of multiple devices, saving time and resources for IT administrators. Trio’s Kiosk Mode ensures a focused experience for users while protecting the security of your enterprise. Trio’s Kiosk Mode offers a seamless experience for both users and administrators.

Single and Multi-App Kiosk Mode

Effortlessly manage your enterprise’s devices with Trio’s single or multi-app Kiosk Modes.

Multi-App Kiosk Mode

Allow users to run multiple apps simultaneously in a locked-down environment with Trio.

  • Simplified Device Management
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Purpose-driven usage
Single App Kiosk Mode

Allow users to access a single app on their device; useful for devices that are intended for particular purposes.

  • Improved security
  • Easy to use
  • Reduced distractions

Multi-Platform Kiosk Solution

As a versatile solution, Trio’s Kiosk Mode allows you to limit employee access to your selected apps and features no matter their operating system.

Kiosk for Windows

Enable the Kiosk Mode on your Windows devices to restrict user activities, achieving focused and secure workspace.

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Kiosk for Android

Secure Android devices by limiting users to specific applications, preventing them from closing or switching between apps.

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Kiosk for iOS

Experience seamless transitions between work and personal life on your iOS devices with Trio’s Kiosk Mode on iOS.

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Key-Esque Features

Purpose-driven Work Environment with Trio

Remote Wipe

Remotely wipe sensitive work data from your co-workers’ devices with just a click after they have offboarded.

Data Safety

Separate your company’s data from your co-worker’s personal device to ensure better data security.

Policy Violation

Protect sensitive information and avoid potential policy violations or breaches.

Customize to Perfection

Customize your enterprise with the Kiosk Mode to fit the needs of your employees.

Showcase Your Brand

Shape your persona by adjusting your kiosk interface, including the logo, wallpaper, and even bar setting.

Create Unique Icons

Customize the multi-app kiosk lockdown by cleaning the unused or unwanted app icons and system logos.

App Modes

You have the flexibility to limit your devices’ usage to a single app or create a group of apps that your team needs.

Website Limits

Define a list of websites users can access in the Kiosk Mode and automatically block all other sites to prevent distractions.

Time-Limited Kiosk Mode

Set Your Countdown With Trio Kiosk Mode

Configure employee-owned devices to operate in kiosk mode for a specified time period. Once the time span expires, the device automatically exits kiosk mode and returns to the standard user interface and access levels.

App Deployment Made Easy

Effortlessly Optimize App Distribution and Management

Simplify the process of app distribution and management. Our system streamlines the process, eliminating complicated setups.

Effortlessly push business apps and easily install applications from the App Store, Google Play Store, and our Trio’s Software Desk. Upload APK files to install in-house apps. Publish, remove, or update apps without any need for user intervention.

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